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News channel stops irritating viewers with ads showing their TRP, viewership increases by 30%

13, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

With the race for the top spot in the news segment intensifying with launch of new channels every now and then, it has become a headache for the viewers to decide which channel should they watch. News channels also try to titillate the audience by providing false numbers related to TRPs. But the news we are covering here is a shocker for many such news channels. In a recent happening, a news channel which stopped airing ads showing its TRP to be the highest in India, actually gained 30 % in viewership.


The TRP game is a dirty one, with channels trying to pull each other down by showing it self as the no.1 channel. Hardly there has been a case where a channel describes itself as the no.2 or no.3 channel in the country. Because they cannot risk losing out on advertisers. But the shocking incident we are covering today is an eye opener for many. We are talking about the news channel ‘Abhi Tak’ which has been in the industry since last 15 years. Since the last 15 years they had been airing the ad showing themselves to be the no.1 news channel in India. But their viewership was decreasing at a rate much higher than the decreasing form of ‘Shikhar Dhawan’. That is when they tried to experiment with their promotion.

Faking News reporter caught up with Abhi Tak’s chief editor, Mr. Shugato Banerjee, and he had this to say,” Just one week after we stopped promoting our new channel, we saw an increase of 30 % in the viewership. We feel more rejuvenated now. All these years we thought that promoting oneself as the no.1 channel, even though you may be the no.14th channel would make people watch your channel, but people have become too smart nowadays and marketing gimmicks don’t work anymore. We at Abhi Tak take an oath today that we will never call ourselves as the no.1 channel in India.period.”