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Next petrol price hike to be pegged at 4.20 rupees per liter

18, Sep 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Realizing that people spent more time on cracking Pi (π) jokes than understanding the probably bad economics behind the latest hike in petrol prices by 3.14 rupees per liter, the government has decided to hitherto follow this pattern and raise prices in equally amusing numbers in future.

If sources are to be believed, the government could soon announce a price hike of 4.20 rupees per liter for petrol on a day when a court could pass orders on framing of charges in the 2G spectrum allocation scam.

“It would be awesome if the court orders filing some charges under the section 420 of the IPC,” an official working in the petroleum ministry hoped, “A petrol price hike on 4.20 rupees per liter in such a scenario would give rise to a deluge of 420 jokes and people would just forget the economics.”

Shree 420 movie
Such posters are expected to be photoshopped to protest the next petrol price rise, a mode of protest government won’t respond with lathicharge.

The official claimed that even though the decision to raise the petrol prices by 3.14 rupees had got nothing to do with the mathematical number Pi, the subsequent comments and jokes cracked by the middle class, the worst hit by this hike, forced the government to think that perhaps it was not a bad idea to keep the citizens hooked this way.

“An irrational decision and an irrational number. LOL!” was some of the sample jokes cracked on the latest petrol price hike, which was apparently the result of weakening of rupees against the US dollar.

“LOL! Then they should allow us to buy petrol in dollars!” one of the middle-class consumers, in full joke-cracking mode, refused to think over the economics behind the price rise.

“We didn’t expect such a favorable reaction on a rather unfavorable decision, but we are not complaining!” the petroleum ministry official referred to the reactions by the citizens of India over the 12th price hike since June last year.

“In retrospect, we now regret missing the opportunity to raise the petrol prices by 9.11 rupees per liter on September 11,” the official rued the missed jokes by the citizens of the India.

“They think that the joke will be on us, while the joke will be on them,” he clarified the thought behind raising the petrol prices by special numbers.

(originally written for and published in leading English daily DNA)