No active role for Sikka, will be available for 3 seconds in a year for the 1 dollar he takes: Infosys

23, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Some of the ex-Infosys board members have raised concern about Vishal Sikka still sticking to Infosys even after he declared in his resignation letter like everyone does to ‘pursue career interest outside’. Infosys current board which thought after its earlier clarification that his CTC will be just 1 USD is surprised with the latest controversy.


The board is planning to come up another clarification, “Mr. Sikka as executive vice-chairman won’t play any active role. He will be available for three seconds in a year which is as per the remuneration he is taking from the company”, said our source who is part of the Infosys board.

He added, “Why Vishal Sikka is still sticking with Infosys? His full & final settlement has been done on the day he resigned and he has been assured that his PF will be withdrawn or transferred as he wants at the earliest. Basically, he wants to make a genuine contribution in passing the baton to the right person”.

When we asked, what is this three seconds, from where it comes, the board member said, “It’s pretty simple basic mathematics calculation. If you divide his last drawn package of 16 crores with 250 working days in a year with 8 hours per day, his per second charge comes to little above 20 rupees. With 1 USD that is 64 rupees he is charging, it is three seconds only. His previous year CTC was 70 crores, in that case company would have got less than 1 second of service, but he insisted on last drawn CTC for calculation”

To our question can Mr. Sikka who is well respected for bringing lot of innovative ideas to Infosys succeed within three seconds? the board member said, “I think a lot depends on the company how they want to utilize the precious time he is giving, let us see”.

The shareholders of Infosys who have lost 30 thousand crores in last few days are hoping Mr. Sikka will provide his expert guidance in bringing the stock back to its glory days.