No More “Hello World”, PM Modi asks IT engineers to write first program as “OM Cow”

12, Sep 2019 By dasu

Mathura: PM Modi wants to give more shocks to people who are offended by hearing words like OM and Cow. After taking a swipe at anti-OM and Anti-Cow mindset people, PM Modi has urged India’s IT engineers, students to write their first program as “OM Cow” instead of ever popular “Hello World”.


PM Modi who has done big reforms in India by reducing our note size, giving us ideas for travelling around the world, has once again showed he is as unpredictable as KL Rahul’s good form or Kangana’s good behavior.

According to our sources, he has asked HRD ministry to notify this change quickly and all the programming language books that is being published now, Google search must point to “OM Cow” program.

“This is a big change, it is going to impact us a lot”, said a publisher who has published more than three dozen books written by Balaguruswamy and Kanetkar. “Online guys can do it in seconds, how can I do it. Million of pages are already printed, I will be bankrupt if all those are rejected”, added the publisher.

Even leading IT companies who teach their new joinees this basic program first are worried about changing their training curriculum.

However, there are people who have come forward in hailing this big programming reform. “OM Cow sounds so cool”, said a millennial who wants to be a teen Lakhia IT engineer one day. “Hello World is a bigger line, OM Cow is much shorter and it saves data space, puts less pressure on compiler”, said a NITI Aayog official.

Meanwhile Rakesh Roshan has filed a compliant at a local police station as he is the original one who wrote OM program to call Jaadu to India during Koi Mil Gaya Days. “Why PM Modi did not give me any credit. I will withdraw plagiarism charge if he asks Kangana to stop abusing my son”, told Sr. Roshan after coming out of Bandra Police station.