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With no ‘singles’ in his team, manager is worried who will take care of project deliverables on Feb 14th

05, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Project Manager Naveen M is worried who will deliver the project deliverables on Feb 14th as no one is ‘single’ in his team.

“Though Feb14th is important day for my team members, the clients do not care about it like they do not care about anything. Unfortunately, this year Valentine’s day is falling in the middle of the week. Weekend ko hota to kuch manage ho sakta tha”, said Naveen while speaking to us.

Frustrated businessman with head in hands at desk
Frustrated businessman with head in hands at desk

“Clients are also fresh and hungry after their long Christmas & New Year break. They want daily some deliverables to chew. Otherwise multiple stinker emails I have to handle along with unlimited skype calls with them”, said Naveen on the current challenge he is facing.

As a Project manager Naveen has identified the risks for the project. Valentine’s day is one of them. In his project tracking sheet, he has a hidden column where he marks project member as single, committed, married.

“Last year this time there were three singles in my team and two more joined due to their last-minute break-up. These five managed the project deliverables. Iss bar mein jiske paas jaata hoon, bolta hai ki mein connected hoon. Two mechanical engineers ko recruit kiya tha iss saal exclusively for these kinds of situation. They are also telling me they have found someone to hang around on valentine’s day”, said Naveen.

Naveen came up with his risk mitigation plan. Told his team members, special three days package would be given by the company those who will sacrifice Feb 14th. They can use these three exclusive days anytime time of the year.   

Now Naveen has another problem to handle. After his tempting offer, almost all project members have come forward to take it. As budget was for only two couples, he told lucky draw would be conducted next week to find out which two can avail this offer. Rest of them can enjoy the Feb 14th evening, but they must report to office 2 hours ahead of time on Feb 15th.