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Now a start-up to keep track of number of times Pak has violated ceasefire

18, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

Hyderabad. With Pakistan violating ceasefire for 10th consecutive day today, a group of ex-IIPMians have decided to come up with a start-up idea which will have a site keeping record of all ceasefire violations done by Pakistan so far.

“They have violated ceasefire so many times that it has become difficult to track their actual numbers for various concerned parties like Defense Ministry, Giriraj Singh, Arnab etc. In this month alone, number stands at 45 and overall it has been 240 so far this year. It is more than the number of Bollywood releases this year,” said Geeky Kumar, one of the founders of start-up named LoCkart,”It was high time this huge chunk of data was available to enthusiasts at one place.”

Pakistan on their part has declared these guys non-state soldiers.
Pakistan on their part has declared these guys non-state soldiers.

“So we thought of this brilliant idea of coming up with a site which would have all possible stats of the ceasefire violations done by Pakistan till date,” he added.

Sources from LoCkart claim that the site will be modeled on the lines of popular cricket stats portal Cricinfo.

“It will have records of all day as well as day and night violations done by Pakistan, their most successful violators, venues where maximum violations have happened, so on and so forth,” the source told Faking News.

“It will also have expert columns and blogs by Praveen Swamy, Mahroof Raza etc,” the source added.

Sources further claim that the ex-IIPMians had conceptualized this idea long back when UPA govt was in power, but dropped its plans after NDA govt came.

“We thought we might as well say good bye to this idea now that Narendra Modi led govt is here. After all, Modi had made it clear in no uncertain terms over how harsh he will be while dealing with Pakistan compared to Manmohan Singh,” Geeky recalled.

“But we are glad just like strict action against Robert Vadra for corrupt land deals, this promise too turned out to be a jumla and in fact want to thank NDA for even higher number of ceasefire violations under them, which forced us all to revive this idea,” said a visibly relieved Geeky.