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Now building depreciation, furniture depreciation and computer depreciation costs also to be included in the CTC of employees

08, Aug 2015 By chachachaudhary

Bangalore. Yesterday evening at  5 P.M Chunnu Mehanati got an internal email on his official mailbox that the annual performance letter would be distributed next day along with a short feedback secession with the Manager. Chunnu had already planned on what he would be doing with the salary hike.He thought of buying a new shirt from a discount sale, getting his bike serviced, watch at least one movie in multiplex during weekend along with popcorn combo, buy  a new phone cover for his wife and clear the outstanding dues of his credit card .

He had not taken even a single leave in last 8 months, not for the reason of being committed to the work but because his mother in law had visited them and refused to part with their Daamadji since last 8 months. Chunnu reached home and patiently waited for the judgement day.

Next morning he left home at 6:30 and reached office half and hour early at 8:30 A.M,he planned for the days task keeping half an hour aside for the appraisal interview.

Later good looking HR successfully managed to convince Mehanati
Later good looking HR successfully managed to convince Mehanati

He was called by his manager ‘Aiyaash Kaamchor’  at about 1:45 P.M.

Manager: So Mr.Mehanati,how do you rate your last years performances and what were your key achievements?

Mehanati: Sir I feel I worked very hard  throughout the entire year.I didn’t take any leaves since last 8 months, finished all the targets within allotted timelines, kept a good turnaround time for projects, took few new initiatives, kept all the clients happy and I was instrumental in getting back three old clients who had stopped doing business with us Sir. Every detail has been captured in the appraisal form Sir .

Manager: Ok ,these are the thing which are expected from you and come under your job responsibilities. Apart from that you didn’t do anything extra right? How dare you mention those 3 clients who have come back.They came back because earlier they used to deal with me and now you work under me . Am I clear on this!

Mehanati was speechless

Manager: Don’t sit like a fool, now what are your expectations, how much rise are you expecting?

Mehanati with great difficulty: 15-20% hike Sir.

Manager: Congrats here is your letter.It states 28% hike in your CTC.

Mehanati couldn’t believe his ears!

Mehanati checks his letter, entire Salary structure was changed and restructured.CTC had increased from 600000 P.A.(Per annum) to 768000 P.A.

He then looked at the bifurcation,earlier his take home salary was 36000 PM(Per month) now it had become 34120 P.M

Mehanati mustered all his strength to utter something but he was choked for words.

Still he said: Sir last time coffee vending machine cost, health insurance cost, pick up and drop facility cost, office electricity cost and air-conditioning cost at office was already included in the CTC, I am just surprised as what new has been added to the CTC?

Manager: From this year onwards building depreciation cost at around 10% per annum, depreciation of the vehicles (Cabs) owned by the company  at 14% per annum, office furniture depreciation at around 20% per annum and computer and peripheral depreciation at around 60% have been included in the CTC. It is a fixed percentage of CTC so you are not the only one who is benefiting, Everybody else as well including me.Look all these things like building, vehicles, computers, office furnitures etc are used by the employees only. Imagine if you would have used these thing at home then wouldn’t have you paid for them.

Mehanati: Sir but was that necessary,we are already under a lot of stress because of the rising costs of living and inflation.

Manager: It is the new initiative I took for my appraisal. Dont I have to face inflation? Diesel for my SUV is becoming less subsidized, club membership is getting expensive, good whiskey is becoming more and more expensive, eating out is becoming expensive. You have no idea how much hard work was put in to include these things in the CTC. I am already working on what next to include in the CTC.

Mehanati was already wondering when he becomes a manager what more can he add to the CTC cost of his subordinates.