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Ola to start 'Ola Romanshare' service for couples who can't find an isolated spot for dating

02, Oct 2016 By RT

Bangalore: For couples frustrated with the lack of quiet, romantic spots in big cities, Ola has announced a new service called ‘Ola Romanshare’. The premium service is available only in the city of Bangalore as a trial run. Upon successful returns, Ola plans to extend the service to other cities, the press release read.

Book a cab, spend some quality time together

“We started Ola share already so this is just the next step of that product. As you know, there are hardly any open parks left in the cities where couples can go for a quiet, romantic evening, all the cafes and restaurants are always over-crowded, romantic couples needed a quiet place to spend some quality time with their partners. For these couples, Ola is happy to announce romanshare services, available immediately for hopelessly romantic customers to share a cab and possibly the rest of their lives together”, Ola said in the press release.

“What we offer in Ola romanshare is a totally quiet and isolated space for a romantic ride. Thoughtfully, we have turned off the free Wi-Fi in this service and instead provided a collection of love songs to be played in the car audio system. No other music will be played in these cars”, the chief strategy officer explained the new visionary service to Faking News.

“Romantically involved people can book an Ola cab and share the ride expenses. Due to the limited availability of cabs right now, and the high number of couples looking for quiet dating places, romanshare cabs can’t be booked for more than an hour at a time. There will also be a glass partition in these cabs separating the driver from the passengers, ensuring your private conversations remain private”, the chief explained the technical aspects.

While many couples have welcomed this new service, there are still some skeptics around. “Main purpose of booking an Ola cab is to talk to the driver and then share that conversation on social media. With glass partitions, they will make the major attraction away”, a young man in his 20s said.