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On Engineer's Day, IT company requests clients to treat engineers like humans, at least for a day

15, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. On the pious occasion of Engineer’s Day, IT giant Diprosys has requested its clients to treat company employees like human beings, at least for the day.

It’s one of the many measures which company took to make employees feel special on Engineer’s Day.

IT Industry
Engineers celebrating Engineer’s Day.

“Considering the current status of engineers in our country, it’s our duty to do this. They need our love and care,” said CEO of the company Anand Swaminathan emphasizing upon the need to make engineers love their jobs, “If engineers continue to hate their jobs in the same way, it will be very dangerous for us.”

Reportedly, all foreign clients have been asked very strictly to help Diprosys cheer up its employees.

“In any of the today’s meetings, clients will not be using any derogatory terms like ‘idiot’ and ‘duffer’. However terms like ‘crap’ and ‘bullshit’ are allowed,” disclosed a company insider.

“If any of the clients even dared to say our engineers idiot or duffer, God promise, we will write ‘client is cruel’ comment in their project code, that too without even telling them,” roared a senior project manager on conditions of anonymity.

The celebrations for the day don’t end up with clients. To give them enough time to celebrate the day, engineers have been permitted to leave office early, say by 10 PM.

“They will still be left with 2 hours to party on their own. We are a company with golden heart,” boasted CEO of Diprosys.

As per HR managers of the company, all coffee machines inside company have been replaced by better machines.

“We have rented new machines for 24 hours. At least today, they deserve finer quality,” Anmol Sharma, HR Chief of the company told Faking News, “After all for whom the company is earning? If we are not going to spend on them, then what’s the use of all these dollars.”

Meanwhile, company employees appear to be too happy with the initiatives taken by higher management.

“Initially I thought it was a hoax. To check it, I intentionally made a mistake and surprisingly, my boss shouted at comparatively lower pitch. I was literally shocked,” said visibly jubilant Amit Agrawal, a junior software engineer working for Diprosys.