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On Halloween, office employees scare each other wearing masks similar to their bosses' and clients' faces

31, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Employees of a city based IT company, Dinosys, celebrated Halloween wearing masks similar to their bosses’ and clients’ faces and scared the hell out of each other.

Employees took this decision after doing a lot of research and several rounds of discussion.

Nothing could be scarier than this.

“We finally concluded that as of now, nothing scares us more than our bosses and clients. And we even found a lot of startling similarities between ghosts and bosses,” said Anil, a senior software engineer at Dinosys.

“For example, while passing by boss’ cabin, we avoid looking towards the cabin, as if some ghost lives there and making an eye contact will result into an unwanted interaction,” Anil told Faking News pointing out a few of the resemblances between a ghost and a boss, “Whenever I pass by my boss’ cabin, it reminds me of that empty room of my hostel, which as per rumors was haunted. I simply used to run past that door, without even looking at it.”

Prakash, a colleague of Anil recalled an incident when all of a sudden he found his boss standing behind him, while he was chatting with his friend on Facebook.

“Dude, that was quite creepy. He was nowhere near me, and all of a sudden he was standing behind me. There could be only one explanation, that he is a ghost,” Prakash told Faking News, justifying his decision to wear mask similar to his boss’ face. “We prefer to change our path if we see him coming. Such is the level of horror.”

As Prakash and Anil, both work under the same boss, seeing each other’s masked face was freaking them out.

Reportedly, Anil has been given a warning for breaking office etiquette, as he screamed out loudly in bathroom after watching his own masked face in the mirror.

Few of the  employees were even found wearing masks resembling their clients’ faces and copying their client’s voice.

“My client’s voice freaks me out even more than the sounds which movie makers use in horror movies,” explained another Dinosys employee.