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Onsite engineer tears away his passport & declares himself citizen of nowhere to avoid coming back

27, Nov 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. Rocky Raja, a software engineer working with tech giant Dinosys, who was visiting Ireland for some project related work, reportedly, tore away his passport and declared himself citizen of nowhere, just in order to avoid coming back to India.

Rocky’s surprising act came into light after he was found missing from Dublin airport on his way back to India.

“Rocky told us that he was going to washroom and would be back in few minutes, but he never returned,” recounted Vicky, one of Rocky’s colleague who accompanied him on his maiden foreign trip. Vicky further revealed that Rocky was quite upset about returning back to India.

Rocky after his makeover.
Rocky after his makeover.

After an official complaint was registered at local police station, police conducted extensive search operations around the city and finally found a person without passport but looking somewhat similar to Rocky roaming on the roads.

However, the ‘alleged’ Rocky refused to accept he is Indian. “He calls himself ‘Paku’ and he speaks some kind of outlandish language. It’s hard to figure out his nationality and identity based on his weird name and language he is speaking,” said local police chief Ethan Hunt.

“On sensing that we were unable to understand his language, he talked to us using sign language. He said that he belongs to the whole world and is a global citizen, the claims of which were refuted by a local party INS (Ireland Navnirman Sena),” Ethan further added. As per Dublin police, Paku is behaving as if he has lost his memory.

After failing to find actual identity of Paku, Ireland government has finally decided to give him shelter till they find who he actually is.

“That’s what Rocky wanted; to stay in Ireland forever. I know, he must have tore away his passport, wish I could have done similar thing,” said Rocky’s friend.

Taking a jibe over matter, Rocky’s boss said, “He should have committed some serious crime in Ireland, this would have ensured him even a longer stay.”

Meanwhile, Rocky’s company Dinosys has announced that, from now on, all their employees visiting onsite will be chained to avoid repetition of such incident.