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Orkut buys BBM for $19, hopeful of recovering the investment

27, Feb 2014 By rahulchaphalkar

Brazil. Orkut today officially announced its purchase of the legendary messenger service application, BlackBerry Messenger, which follows suit with the recent purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook.

The Google owned social networking website, which until a few years back was most the most popular one, sealed this deal for a staggering amount of $19. Out of these $10 is being paid in cash, while the rest will be paid in form of Orkut users employees pledging to use BBM in place of Google chat or WhatsApp.

Lucky app

Sources inside Orkut confided to Faking News that this was quite an unpopular decision.

“I admit that BBM is a popular messenger, but is it really worth such a huge amount? We almost completely spent our net quarterly profits on this deal!” the source revealed.

However, top Orkut officials think this is an incredible deal they have managed to get. “Acquiring BBM will help our growth internationally. We are confident that we will recover the amount spent in just over six months,” said one of them.

“We are not yet sure how exactly this growth will occur though, as our analyst analysts have failed to establish a nexus between a messenger app and a social networking website. We plan to talk with Mark about this.”

Meanwhile, BBM users will now have a BBM Pin, an Orkut Pin, and a BBM-Orkut Pin, all three of which they need to enter to add new people to the messenger list.

“It is only a small modification,” claimed Orkut officials, “BBM users are quite accustomed to methods of adding friends which are more complicated secure than other apps, so this will not create any problems. Rather, it will make BBM more secure than ever.”

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins also appeared to be extremely pleased with this deal.

“The entire BlackBerry corporation is extremely happy with this deal. Shareholders worldwide will also have a reason to celebrate, as the stock prices are likely to surge up by 0.01% for about 3 whole minutes, a record high of this decade for us,” he quoted.

Sources from BlackBerry conceded that an amount as big as $19 was never expected, and they had originally hoped to seal the deal for around $5.