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Out of ideas for improved iPhone, Apple decides to improve iPod

12, Apr 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

California, USA. Confused over whether to increase the screen size of the next iPhone or decrease the same for the new iPad Mini, Apple has decided to go back to the traditional iPod and change its features to showcase some innovation it has been allegedly known for.

Sources confirm that after BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins slammed iPhone as “outdated” last month, Apple had been working towards giving a befitting reply to its self-declared born-again competitor.

“Two sets of engineers were asked to work – one on iPhone and another on iPad – and when they came up with the improved designs such as altered thickness, weight, and screen sizes, the products looked almost the same!” an Apple source confirmed.

The latest thing you just can’t live without

“There was only one difference between the new iPhone 6 and the iPad Mini 2 – the ability to make voice calls,” the source revealed, “And of course, a difference of $ 199 in prices.”

“Okay, chuck it. Lets’ go for iPod 7!” Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. is reported to have told the rather embarrassed engineers caught in an awkward situation.

Whilst the engineers worked on a new design for iPod that would play music like Mozart, product managers finalized the new product promotion plan.

As part of the plan, Apple leaked some information on the internet earlier today, which was quickly lapped up by eager fans waiting for the latest rumor about iPhone/iPad rumors.

“Wow! Music has come back to our lives!” reacted a fan, who was mighty impressed with the various colors the new iPod 7 came in.

“I am totally going to buy the white iPod 7 – what a classy look!” declared another fan, ready to stand in queue to buy the new iPod and break the previous sales record.

When asked if they really needed a new iPod when they could enjoy music on their latest iPhones and iPads, the fans accused Faking News of being an Android agent and went back to check the latest features of the new iPod.

“Wow, you can change sound tracks through hand gestures. Now we know where Samsung Galaxy S4 got ideas from!” declared a fan after checking out the new features.

(based on this FN 2.0 report)