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Outrage as Nokia CEO asks workers to use Internet Explorer

15, Feb 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Espoo, Finland. Nokia Corporation could soon see a massive uprising by its employees as its new CEO has asked them to use Internet Explorer over other web browsers as part of its deal with Microsoft. In a letter sent to already displeased employees, Nokia CEO has suggested a few “tips” aimed at putting the workers “at ease with” with the company’s decision to get into a strategic alliance with Microsoft.

“I need your support to make our alliance with Microsoft go beyond the blue screen,” Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop, also a former Microsoft employee, appealed in his latest letter, “As partners, both the companies should work closely. For this, it’s essential that all of us should develop closeness with Microsoft and its products. So let’s start with our web browsing habits.”

Web browsers
Nokia employees can’t understand that out of all the available options, why their CEO chose a declining Internet Explorer

The letter then further suggested Nokia employees to use Internet Explorer over other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Apple’s Safari, and Google’s Chrome.

“I couldn’t bother to read the rest of the email,” said a visibly upset and livid Johnson, an Animation Designer working with Nokia, “Has Stephen gone nuts? What is he going to do next? Ask us to use MS Paint instead of Photoshop?”

According to company’s insiders, the letter has outraged an overwhelming majority of Nokia workers, who are now planning to protest against the unilateral and “absurd” decisions of their CEO. Market watchers too have expressed surprise and shock over the latest move and have predicted a further fall in the company’s share price post the formal announcement.

“We would unite and push for democracy within our company,” said Erica, a senior software developer, who had been playing Snake on her old Nokia 3310 during working hours as mark of protest, “Egypt has shown us the way.”

“Who uses IE these day?” wondered another employee, who showed how Internet Explorer crashed each time he tried to submit his Résumé to Google jobs.