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Overburdened with office work for last one month, IT employee not getting enough free time to drink

02, Feb 2015 By idiot420

Bangalore. Manish Akela, a software engineer working for one of the IT giants has not been able to drink properly in the last one month due to sudden increase in his office workload.

Not even free on weekends, returning home at 4 am in the morning and leaving at 8 am is his regular routine, which is keeping him away from his favourite stress busting activity.

Blessing in disguise?

“All I am getting is a small window of 4 hours, which is not sufficient enough to have few drinks properly, as I need time to sleep too. In addition to that, going to toilet and brushing teeth are equally important and they all take time. At best, I can skip bathing, still I would not be able to manage an hour long relaxed drinking session,” said Manish, explaining his pain, “And even if somehow I manage to drink few pegs, then I will be late for my office for sure.”

Adding further, Manish says, idea of drinking at 4 am in the morning after returning from office sounds a bit awkward too.

“Most of days, I am too sleepy to do anything at that time. And, drinking alone while half asleep, that too at 4 am, which is Brahm Vela, is a kind of psycho act, no matter how much you love to drink,” Manish continued revealing that once he tried to do that but fell asleep while making his first drink.

However, Manish is trying his best to come up with a more appropriate and practical solution to his problem.

“Adding vodka in soft drink bottle and drinking it in the office could be one option,” a thoughtful Manish told Faking News, “Vodka is almost odorless, so I think it will not be that tough to consume it in office.”

Meanwhile, after coming to know about Manish’s problem, his boss, Prakhakar Swamy, said that it was a blessing in disguise for Manish.

“Working for longer hours will help him to get rid of drinking habit. In fact, I will pitch this idea to the HR team too, so that while hiring candidates they can explain how our company can help them to get rid of drinking habit, if they have,” commented Mr. Swamy.