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Pakoda stalls opened in offices across Mumbai to try and inspire employees to reach office

10, Jul 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai:  Reaching your office in Mumbai these days is more difficult than understanding all the provisions of GST. Heavy rains have left the roads flooded and people have struggled to reach their workplace. This has led to a large percentage of people working from home or taking an off leaving the offices completely deserted. To motivate employees to come to office in this heavy rain, several companies in the city have started providing free pakodas inside their office buildings in the hope that the smell of hot pakodas lures people to the office.


Explaining the pakoda strategy, HR manager of a leading tech company said,” As an HR manager, one gets a lot of time to think so I was thinking how to fix the problem of low attendance every monsoon. Then it hit me, we must provide something that people enjoy in this weather. We thought about providing Vodka and Rum initially but then we got afraid that all the people armed with Dutch courage may end up resigning if asked to do another pointless task by their managers. So we ruled out alcohol and settled for pakodas, something everyone enjoys and at the same time, doesn’t make a person bold enough to resign from a crap job.”

“There are a variety of pakodas available with paneer, potato, onion, chillies, all represented because we believe in diversity. They will be freshly made to order so that nobody gets cold or stale pakoda. This is the least we can do to get our employees out of their homes and inside the offices”, the HR manager said.

Meanwhile, opposition parties have attacked this pakoda management technique calling it a marketing technique of BJP to promote their pakoda politics.