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Panipuri wala claims huge losses due to women asking for extra paani and free puri

23, Apr 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Ram Murari, a street vendor selling panipuri (also known as golgappa or gupchup), has claimed losses in excess of one lakh rupees per year due to women customers insisting on extra paani (flavored and salted water) and free puri (hollow and fried bread) without paying extra for those delicacies.

Murari has filed a complaint with the office of NCW (National Commission of Women) and asked the commission to reign in the exploitative women.

“They come up with commercially irrational excuses like ‘Bhaiya, ek aur de do na, bachchi maang rahi hai’ or simply insist on getting extra puris for free just because they have bought and consumed a few earlier,” Murari shared his frustration with Faking News.

Panipuri or Golgappa
This much of panipuri is eaten for free in a month, Murari claims

“They even claim wrong number of puris they had consumed earlier; they would claim to have eaten just 7 panipuris even after gulping down 12,” he exposed the dishonest tricks employed by some of his customers, most of whom he insists are women, to fleece him.

Other tricks or strategies adopted by these women include repeatedly asking for additional dry puris with stuffing as complementary offering, and asking for replacement of defective or diminutive puris even after happily eating those ones, the harassed vendor claimed.

Murari claims that he suffered losses to the extent of 1 lakh rupees in the last financial year due to such unfair trade practices by his customers. In fact, he claims that he fears these women more than the supporters of Raj Thackeray.

After putting up with these losses for the last eight years, Ram Murari has now finally decided to speak against this exploitation and has written a letter to NCW. He has threatened to organize fellow vendors and sell panipuri at a premium price to the women customers.

While NCW has not yet responded as they were busy discussing the meaning of ‘sexy’, some activists have spoken up.

“This is sexist and can’t be tolerated,” Kareena, a feminist social worker objected to the complaints by Ram Murari and blamed the male chauvinist vendors for pushing women into such behavior, “Even though women are the biggest patrons of the panipuri business, we don’t see many women selling panipuris. These historical and social injustices have to be set right first.”

Murari didn’t respond to the criticism as he couldn’t understand the argument.