Patanjali launches Pornhub rival, full of videos of pollination of flowers

01, Jun 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Baba Ramdev is continuously expanding his business empire and entering a new field every other day.

After Patanjali Sim and Patanjali messaging service, now Baba Ramdev has launched a competitor to Pornhub as well for cultural Indian market. The content of this website will be specially tailored for the Indian market keeping in mind Indian culture and traditions.

Porn has always had a huge market in India, particularly among Indian youth and Baba Ramdev wants to make sure that youngsters don’t give all their money for premium membership of foreign websites. This swadeshi porn website is already up and running with thousands of videos of pollination of various flowers.

Explaining the videos, Content Head of the website said, “For decades, pollination of flowers was all the sex we saw on our screens and we were very happy with that. Then came the Internet and ruined things for everyone with all the dirtiness they brought with them. Now we are trying to go back to original Indian values by guiding people back towards flowers. If those scenes were good enough for their parents, they are good enough for these youngsters.”

As per sources, there is a special paid membership section on the website as well where you can even see rain and thunder along with flowers.