Patanjali's swadeshi-samradhi sim-card will have these amazing features

28, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

1. Watching porn sites, sexting or using abusive language will land you in nearest jail. The phone will have filters to catch hold of such content and will report phone location to the nearest police station.


2. Shagun tariff plans of 151, 251, 501 and such denominations would be offered to make the occasion of recharging an auspicious one for the customer.


3. Alok Nath will be the brand ambassador of SSS


4. Flexible sim which can fold itself and can insert itself in the sim holder


5. In case of network problem or sim-reading error, spraying a few drops of Gaumutra will re-establish the network signal


6. Aarti and Bhajans of Anup Jalota will be preloaded in the sim card.


7. The sim card will be made of 100% ayurvedic ingredients.

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8. Bhajans will be heard while you are being put on hold by the customer care so that you don’t lose patience


9. The sim-card will catch good network near the places of worship and the voice quality will be excellent if used near historic places of worship