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People are doubting the Modi surname after finding out that Nirav has traveled to only 3 countries in 6 months

18, Jun 2018 By sagarcasm

People across the world have started doubting if Nirav’s real surname is Modi after finding out that he has traveled to only 3 countries in the last 6 months. According to CBI, Nirav has been to London, Paris and Brussels since January this year.


American President Donald Trump, tweeted in the morning, “CNN’s news is fake news, Green tea is fake tea, Nirav Modi is fake Modi and Black Coffee is fake Covfefe”  

Speaking to Faking News, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi said, “This morning when I woke up at night, I kept thinking about only one thing – Just like Coca Cola’s manufacturer was initially a Shikanji seller, Nirav must be something else in his initial days, like Sharma or Gupta. But he can’t be a Modi.”

We tried to reach Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his views on this issue but he couldn’t respond as he was busy in preparations of his next foreign trip.

Indian Modi Community (IMC) is planning to boycott Nirav after finding out his disappointing performance. The minimum eligibility for an adult to use Modi surname is 1 country per month on an average. Nirav is on the half way mark. Nirav may soon lose the right to be called a Modi.

According to sources, Nirav is most likely to choose “Mallya” as his new surname.