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Person who didn't ask a single question when VAT was introduced has already asked 1 million questions on GST

13, Jul 2017 By dasu

Sivaganga: T. Chidambaram, a person from Sivaganga Lok Sabha constituency in Tamil Nadu has created a new Guinness record by asking more than 1 million questions on GST.


‘This is noteworthy effort simply because I have never seen someone asking so many questions on a single topic in such a short duration of time” said Alastair Richards, the global president of the Guinness World Records company while handing over the certificate to Mr. T. Chidambaram.

Record is a record and this is something ‘unique’ coming from a man who did not ask a single question when VAT was implemented, but brought laurels to the country through his queries on GST.

We spoke to Mr. T. Chidambaram’s close friend J. Ramesh. We asked Mr. Ramesh, GST has been in the making for last fifteen years and Mr. T. Chidambaram was involved in the preparation of GST, how come he has so many doubts that too in last fifteen days when it was announced long before that, from July 1st 2017 GST would be implemented across India.  

“First, you have to give credit to him as he is one of the few persons other than Finance minister who has burnt midnight oil to understand GST. About questions and why it came so late, probably he was guessing the implementation will be delayed once more. According to me he has timed his questions perfectly”, said Mr. Ramesh.

Mr. Ramesh added, “You can see how tough they are, Government is not able to answer his questions. Mr. Chidambaram always wanted people to take ‘informed’ decisions. All these questions to make people more ‘informed’ only”.

When we asked Finance ministry officials, why you are not answering these queries, one of the official said, “If we will be busy answering questions from someone who knows all about GST, then who will help crores of business people who have implement the changes. All his questions are answered in FAQ sites, after that if he wants to be like the person in a meeting room who tries impress everyone by asking lot of questions, good luck to him”.