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Person orders a cutter from e-commerce site to help him open his parcels, fails to open the cutter parcel

30, Jan 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

E-Commerce has made retailing very easy for the customers. Choose your product and just buy it. Buying was never so easy in the past. But with more power comes more responsibility, the responsibility to open the parcels, which is a task comparable to fighting a war. Industrial equipment are needed and sometimes even a skilled labor is required. Sanil Jain is an e-commerce enthusiast who buys everything online. So for a matter of convinience while opening his other parcels, he ordered a cutter from a website. As it happened with many of his parcels in the past, he failed to open this one too.


Many times we come across people working very hard to open their parcel, sometimes even taking help of people around them to give a hand, but most of them fail. Many companies are now proving the parcel opening service at a premium. If a customer is willing to pay the premium, a worker will be sent to his place to open the parcel. Sending the worker will though eat up few more days, on top of the days it took the parcel to reach the person.

The parcel opening service is soon picking up pace in India with many people registering for the service. 2-3 startups have also come up in no time who help resolve your parcel opening process. The companies though have no plans to make easier packaging material as they think that product security cannot be compromised. Extra layers of packaging material helps in extra security of the parcel which in turn adds to the happiness quotient of the customer. And with parcel opening service provided by companies now we can be sure that the issue will soon be eradicated from the industry.