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Person thinks of buying a product from an ecommerce site, gets delivery notification and 50 other messages before the actual purchase

06, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

From a buzzword to a current-day reality, e-commerce in India has been experiencing remarkable growth, successfully changing the way people transact. People today can shop literally everywhere within minutes. Though happy with the comfort there are things which make buying an irritating experience, one of them are the alert messages received on the purchase. But Shwetank Srivastava, a Mumbai resident experience something weird on Monday when he just thought of buying a product and received 50 alert messages in no time.


Shwetank had been planning to buy a new phone and on Monday he actually opened the portal of a famous e-commerce site. He started thinking about the features of his new phone, and there you go, he started receiving message after message, which had delivery information, to payment receipt to delivery schedule to the Aadhar number of the delivery guy. So much information, in just 5 minutes. Though he read all the messages, it took him some time to realize that the messages were sent by mistake. E-Commerce companies use strong algorithms to check customer preferences, buying patterns and search analytics. But never did we realize that one day the software will outperform itself. On receiving the complaint from Shwetank, the e-commerce software sent him 20 more alerts mentioning in detail about what they are doing to resolve his issue.

After spending the whole Monday in reading alert messages, Shwetank spent the Tuesday in dealing with another round of alert messages regarding his complaint. Wish we had the same meticulous nature of the e-commerce life in our day to day activities that would have helped us meet all deadlines. Well, as I write this article, I have been receiving some text messages from an e-commerce company saying ‘you won’t face all these problems if you shop with us’.