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Sadhu lost in tapasya for years gets disturbed by telemarketing call offering loan

08, Mar 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Himachal Pradesh: In a rare yet bizarre incident a personal loan salesman and telemarketer Chandresh Lohia has reportedly been cursed to be ridden with huge debts and numerous loans for next 3 births because he tried to sell loan schemes to an ancient saint who was meditating in the mountains.

During happier times!
During happier times!

This reportedly happened because Chandresh had developed a chronic habit of trying to coax people into availing personal loans at low interest rates. This whole incident took place when Chandresh was out hiking in the mountains with his friends.

Chandresh’s friend B.K. Mahatre provided further details about the incident:

“We were a group of 4 friends hiking in the mountains, where we spotted a mysterious looking cave. When we went inside we found a Rishi Maharaj (saint) sitting there. His eyes were closed and he was chanting something in a very hushed voice. He had a very long beard and white hair and perhaps was meditating since thousands of years. We all bowed to him and paid our respects. But when we all turned back to get outside the cave, Chandresh declined to leave. He suddenly took out some personal loan pamphlets from his pocket and started explaining various loan schemes and benefits to Rishi Maharaj in loud voice. He started detailing out how he can get easy funds to Rishi Maharaj to decorate his cave and buy brand new kamandal etc. We tried to stop him saying that this was a leisure trip and he should mix work and fun but he didn’t relent and ended up getting cursed,” revealed BK.

On being asked how exactly the curse was executed BK was initially reluctant to describe that part of the incident but later he opened up, “When Rishi Maharaj opened his eyes he asked Chandresh to get lost. He explicitly told that Chandresh does not want any funds and loans as he stays away from these material desires. That was last chance for Chandresh to get away, but instead he got more nagging.

He point blank asked Rishi Maharaj, “May I know the reason for not availing the personal loan at such exciting rates?” and that was the end of it all. Rishi Maharaj’s eyes started burning with anger. He took some water out of his kamandal and cursed him to bear the burden of loans for next 3 janamas (births). Chandresh immediately fell on the ground and started cringing in pain, but when he realized that the curse only pertains to next janamas, he got up and dusted his clothes. Then we all ran out of the cave,” BK finished disclosing with moist eyes and heavy throat.

Chandresh has reportedly secluded himself and not been meeting people since the incident. BK further told Faking News that Chandresh doesn’t work for any particular bank but he works on commission basis with multiple banks and loan agencies. In order to earn higher incentives he was under pressure to reach certain loan targets which led to this whole incident.