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With the plastic ban it is now clear that BJP is targeting things that Indian housewives like to hoard

23, Jun 2018 By sagarcasm

After a note ban in November 2016, BJP government has now announced a plastic ban in Maharashtra with effect from 23rd June. Our reporters found that, like Mr. A from Dhoom 2, even B.J.P. is following a pattern; It is targeting the things that Indian housewives like to hoard.


All hell broke loose in the headquarters of Santacruz Housewives Association when this decision was made public. We interviewed Madhu Joshi, the chairman of the association, and here’s what she has to say.

“I don’t understand the reason why BJP is targeting only the housewives of our country. Smriti Irani  (BJP) who played Tulsi Virani in ‘Kyon Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ was someone we looked upto and thought would address our problems further, but the situation has become even worse. That day is not far when the government will issue a ban on the crockery sets stored by us. I guess that we will have to join twitter and tag Sushma Swaraj for BJP to noitce,” she said.

Mrs. Joshi further pointed towards the misogyny of the government, “Why do we not read news about government banning the storage of Custom free Whisky at one’s house? Why do we not read about any ban on the storage of PLAYBOY magazines? Will BJP answer these questions? We demand justice. We are having a grand meeting with the Mumbai Housewives Association on Sunday where all these points will be discussed.”

No matter how absurd this sounds, Mrs. Joshi and the other members of the housewives association sure had a point to make. We hope that BJP will answer them soon and justice will be served.