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"Please increase workload as it helps our business" Cigarette sellers to IT companies

21, Sep 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Cigarette sellers association of Bengaluru (CSAB) recently met NASSCOM president to complain about their net income which has come down drastically of late. In the application that was submitted to NASSCOM, CSAB has blamed IT companies for not ‘stressing’ their engineers with enough work load to drive them towards chai-sutta vendors standing outside office gates.

“I hardly see engineers inside campuses beyond 8 PM. This is not only my observation, my colleagues standing in front of other big IT parks have same complaint. Please note 9 PM to 3 AM is like our prime business hours. If we do not have engineers during that period, it is bound to affect our business big time. For most of us sales have come down by at least forty percent,” said R Muthuswamy, the president of CSAB.

Muthuswamy added, “Please note seasonally this is a boom period for our businesses because there are no IPL matches for which employees will have to leave office early. People can’t do much in the evening as it rains almost every day.”

“First I thought may be engineers are coming early and leaving early. My colleague working as security guard showed me the attendance record with IN & OUT time, that’s not the case. It is all due to less ‘work pressure’. I have fifteen years’ experience and have stood in front of many major IT parks. For the first time in my life I am observing something like this sort of recession in our business,” said Muthuswamy.

“Please remember we have played our part in these IT companies making so much money. When no one was there to support the ‘hapless’ engineers, we stood there by providing chai and sutta to keep him active throughout night. Hope NASSCOM will ask IT companies to load the engineers properly especially during nights,” said Muthuswamy.

Muthuswamy said, “We can’t rely only on IT companies action. We are doing our bit. For each new ‘referral’, the person will get one pack free. Those who spend 5000 rupees on cigarettes per month, a nearby hospital has given us 50% discount coupons to hand it over to them.”