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Prime Minister to mortgage his voice, as silence is golden

06, Sep 2013 By The Reviewer

New Delhi. After their attempt to use gold reserves of temples faced some resistance, the government has now turned to the biggest gold reserve they had been sitting on – Prime Minister’s silence.

“Well, the power of words had always been valued a lot in India. We started our journey that began with ‘tryst of destiny’ and since then, it’s only words, and words are all we have,” the new RBI governor Raghuram Rajan said.

Rajan further pointed out how markets bounced back and even rupee recovered against the US dollar after he issued new set of words as the RBI governor.

Manmohan Singh
“Don’t worry! My silence will be back,” Dr. Manmohan Singh assured his fans.

“Domestic sentiments are fine, but these words are valued not so high in the international markets,” the young RBI governor, almost a youth icon, claimed, “International leaders like Obama have huge reserves of words.”

“But they don’t have the golden silence of our Prime Minister,” Rajan told Faking News.

“We undertook a quick study and analysis and found out that Dr. Manmohan Singh’s silence would attract huge valuations if we mortgaged it,” the RBI governor claimed, “Imagine Obama using this silence when asked about Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“Or even Musharraf next door. Had he kept his mouth shut and not claimed to be the savior of Pakistan’s democracy, he’d have been living with some dignity in Dubai,” Rajan explained why MMS’ silence would be the most sought after asset in the international markets.

Sources confirm that the government has accepted Raghuram Rajan’s suggestion and are in talks with various states for mortgaging the Prime Minister’s silence.

Some sources claim that Sonia Gandhi is upset, but the general mood in the Congress party is upbeat. “This will help us in the elections!” said a Youth Congress member.

The BJP, meanwhile, has accused the government of misleading the nation.

“They have already mortgaged his silence and are informing the public late. Else what explains the absence of Manmohan Singh’s silence in the parliament when he shouted that he was not a chor? The money made from mortgaging his silence has been pocketed!” BJP leader Yashwant Sinha claimed.