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Private Air Hostesses tie Rakhi to passengers to raise funds

05, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Male passengers traveling by private airlines in India got the shock of their life today when they were tied rakhi on their wrists by beautiful air hostesses in sexy costumes. Such incidents were reported on all the domestic routes where private airlines operated, cutting across air carriers owned by different corporate groups. Today is Raksha Bandhan festival and private airlines used this innovative method to protest against lack of funds.

“It was so shocking. I was sitting in the front row and was happy that I will be able to see the beautiful chick closely all through my journey. I got so excited when that sexy lady came close to me and bowed down to offer me sweets. Then to my horror, she took out a rakhi and tied it on my wrist and asked for money as a return gift. I was shell shocked to react and took out my wallet like a zombie and handed out 5000 rupees,” Manish, a passenger flying from Delhi to Mumbai recounted the horror.

All the male passengers had similar experiences to share and they demanded an explanation from the private airlines. When contacted by Faking News, the top management of all the major private air carriers conceded that the air hostesses were following directives issued by the companies. They justified their conduct by claiming it to be a democratic and decent method of protest.

Meet The Sisters
Meet The Sisters

“When we announced a general strike, a huge hue and cry was raised by the government and media. Under public pressure we had to call off the strike, but that doesn’t mean our grievances have been sorted out. The problems remain there and we continue to bleed. We had to find a mean to protest and we thought that asking for money after tying rakhi would send across the message strongly that the sector badly needs public funds,” Vijay Mallya, owner of Kingfisher Airlines told Faking News.

The airlines refused to divulge how much funds were collected through the rakhi tying drive. Sector experts believe that the drive, whenever it ends, could indeed amass funds that could prove very helpful to the industry, but the experts cautioned against a possible public backlash.

“One of the main reasons why a typical Indian male doesn’t travel by Indian Airlines is because their air hostesses appear aunties to them. This rakhi tying drive could turn the private airlines hostesses into behenjis for such males and it could impinge their decision to travel again by the same carrier. So while this drive may have sent across the bailout message loud and clear for now, it could prove detrimental in the long run,” Hawaijeet, an airlines analyst opined.

Officials in the Civil Aviation ministry too expressed surprise over the decision of the private airlines but they ruled out any punitive actions against the private carriers as prima facie the decision appeared legal to them. But the private airlines might face some serious trouble from the Income Tax department.

“We have to see under what category such earnings would fall. These earnings can’t be recognized as charity or donations as they surely were not voluntary. The airlines should have handed out receipts to the passengers who gave out rakhi money to the air hostesses. There are many more aspects that need to be investigated and we would soon start the inquiry,” an Income Tax official told Faking News.