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Private buses to give huggies to passengers to save time wasted in loo breaks en route

20, Aug 2014 By johnrj

Bangalore. After complaints received from passengers about buses not stopping for personal restroom related emergencies, Susuno travels, a private bus company, has decided to provide three free huggies to every passenger as soon as they board the bus.

When we asked the owner of Susuno travels, we found that it was a tactical move to save time and also to let passengers pee whenever they feel like.

Buses with eco friendly facilities.
Buses with eco friendly facilities.

“We are completely aware of customer needs when it comes to using the restroom during travel, so we thought why not give them an easier way to do it? After all, huggies is now 30% bigger and 40% more moisture absorbent than before,” the owner of Susuno travel told Faking News.

“Apart from giving them freedom to pee, we will be saving almost 15 minutes of time waiting for passengers to use the restroom, thus allowing us to progress much faster to our destination,” he added.

On a trial run from Bangalore to Mumbai, customers were asked to wear the huggies diaper in the back of the bus and take their seats. During traveling 12 hours non stop, customers whistled and cheered whenever they had to use their given diapers.

“I think the customers loved it,” said the driver who was on board, “Apart from the times when it was used, the entire bus was generally silent and hardly anyone moved out of their seats.”

One passenger however had technical difficulty in applying the diaper hence caused problems during the go live state.

“Arrey I never used to put diapers for my kid how would I know how to apply one for myself?” said an angry passenger, “We need someone to do a virtual demonstration like how they do in flights for fastening seat belts etc.”

Customers were also satisfied that they had no reason to fight with the drivers anymore to stop the bus for restroom emergencies, and they could now travel in peace. Some customers were also found taking selfies with their diapers on.

Susuno travels, pioneers in innovation, have already started researching ways to deal with people who snore and cause other problems for fellow passengers. The bus company has informed Faking News that more innovative designs are to follow soon.