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Project Manager orchestrates sting operation on juniors to get proof of bitching about him

25, Nov 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. Inspired from sting operations conducted by media houses, Shaakal Chaudhary, a Project Manager at an IT company orchestrated a similar operation to know what his juniors feel about him.

Shaakal Chaudhary
Shaakal Chaudhary.

Shaakal hired a private agency named ‘Corporate Sarkar’, which set up the trap to make employees bare their hearts in front of hidden cameras. Shaakal allegedly did this after one of his informers tipped him of how his juniors mock him behind his back.

Sources tell Faking News that Corporate Sarkar’s undercover agents met junior employees posing as survey agents and asked for views about their boss.

“They promised our opinions will remain confidential and they are doing it as a part of survey to know about plight of employees in the corporate sector,” said Abhinav, a junior software engineer who works under Shaakal, “We opened our heart, and as a result, we are on the verge of getting fired from our jobs. Everything we said is on their tapes now.”

“Now that I have all the required evidences, I can easily get them kicked out from the company,” said a jubilant Shaakal, while stroking his bald head. However, Mr Shaakal refused reveal exact content of the videos.

“I can’t even repeat the words my juniors used for me. Many of the abusive words they used were unheard to me; appears they are fresh out of engineering college hostel’s linguistic laboratories,” he added further.

It is expected that many more managers across different companies may try the same trick with their juniors.

The incident has left corporate workforce in a state of deep shock.

“It’s a direct attack on our privacy and on traditional corporate culture. Bitching about bosses is one of the ways, other than having coffee and cigarettes together, how we junior employees bond with each other,” said an enraged Pradip who is a management intern at an advertising firm.

Even top corporate gurus are criticizing the sting operation and calling it the beginning of an ugly trend. “Bosses should allow it when they are not giving salary hikes or benefits to juniors. Criticizing the boss together gives them the much needed psychological support to continue in the job. And it’s also a kind of informal team building activity,” explained Prahlaad Thakkar, writer of famous book ‘ABC of Corporate’.