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Property brokers become matchmakers as “Homeless Bachelor” market grows

26, Jul 2014 By Sherkhan

Mumbai. Giving a revolutionary jolt to the rapidly saturating tenant market, a Powai based property broker agency has ventured into matchmaking to tap into growing “Homeless Bachelor” market.

Homeless bachelors.

Faking News correspondent discussed this innovative approach with the man behind the big idea, Mr. Dalal.

Correspondent: So Mr. Dalal, tell us how the idea came about?

Mr. Dalal: Given the extreme hatred of housing societies towards unmarried people, especially of the male kind, we saw a huge potential in marrying off our single customers.

See, this ‘No bachelors allowed’ rule has become so extreme that some of the societies have asked all the society members to get rid of their unmarried children on their 18th birthday, as they are bound to indulge in immoral activities like inviting friends over, listening to music, or having fun in general.

We had exhausted all the incoming couples to the city, so for the newly vacated flats we were finding it very difficult to get new tenants. Meanwhile, bachelors new to the city continued to freeload in their unfortunate friends’ flats citing no bachelor rule.

So, we came up with this idea of matching people, preferably of the opposite gender, who are looking for a place in the same area.

Correspondent: That’s really interesting! Tell us more about your business model.

Mr. Dalal: So whenever a single person approaches us for a flat, we simply feed their date of birth into our system which then matches their kundli with other customers. We have hired experienced pandits and aunties, and trained them to negotiate the terms of both rental contracts and marriage. We charge one percent of the dowry from both parties as ‘dakshina’ and one month rent from the owner as brokerage.

We have partnered with Facebook and some ‘other’ websites which help us find singles in the nearby area.

Interview ends, and everything was clear to this Faking News reporter. The reporter later spoke to housing societies for their view.

Dukhija Housing Society’s Chairman Mr. Hitlal Dukhija, who pioneered the idea of “No Bachelors” rules and is also called the modern day Parashurama in his society, told us that he was keeping a close eye on these developments.

“If we don’t find any improvement, we will ban newly weds also from societies,” Mr. Dukhija said.

“They shouldn’t use their newly wed status to have fun. They should straightaway move into a mental state where they feel like married for over a decade,” he suggested how to successfully live in a rented apartment.