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Quoting business loss, camera companies want TRAI to charge users for every selfie taken on phone camera

13, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Indian Corporate sector’s fight against charging fair & justified rates to users took an interesting turn when camera companies joined the telecom companies in demanding additional money from users for services which users are already paying for. Camera companies now want clicking selfies to be classified as an over-the-top (OTT) service and demand that users be charged for each selfie at a hefty rate.

A chargeable act.
A chargeable act.

Mr. Haramza Damakkar, managing Director at Drakkonia Corp a leading camera manufacturer provided more details to media on his demands. Damakkar said, “The world as we know has changed drastically in the past few years. High-end smart phones having high mega-pixel high definition cameras has constantly eaten into our business. While camera-in-a-phone is indeed a disruptive innovation which we our company could not keep up a pace with, we can’t just sit with our hands tied and see customers clicking amazing selfies and photos without paying us for them. A selfie is actually an over-the-top (OTT) service for which we camera companies should be paid in full.”

When asked why they would want to charge users for clicking photos with a smartphone after they have already paid for the smartphone, Damakkar got visibly upset. He said, “The whole world is clicking selfies and sharing them with others. They are enjoying so much, aren’t they? While they enjoy it they may as well start paying money for this enjoyable experience. And that money should be routed to us, because it’s ours. We could have earned that money, had we shown some innovation and developed some similar smartphones ourselves. Although we couldn’t, but the money is still rightfully ours.”

On being asked what are their next-steps on this demand, Damakkar provided further details, “We love our customers and we will respect their final decision on this issue. Hence this issue should be put to a poll. But before we poll our customers, we want them to be fully informed. Hence we have asked TRAI to create a regulatory framework around selfies and publish atleast a thousand page long, detailed consultation paper which users could quickly read and understand.”

“Moreover we have also requested them to create a set of fifty detailed questions which all selfie-taking users have to complete and send back to TRAI, justifying why they should not be charged for a selfie. That way this whole issue can be resolved in a democratic and customer friendly manner. Above all we want our customers to emerge victorious. But as wise people have said, every victory comes with a price,” Damakkar concluded.