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Rahul Yadav to sell his house on, says he’s 26, too young to get serious about housing

14, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai. A week after withdrawing his resignation, Housing.Com Chief Executive Rahul Yadav on Thursday in a shocking move decided to put his own house on sale on his own company website.

A statement from Housing head office clarified, “Rahul has decided to sell his 3 BHK flat which is the only property he officially has in his name. This unit is priced at a modest price of 73.33 lakhs on The proceeds from the sale of this flat will be equally divided among all 2251 employees.”

Yadav justified his move saying, “I am just 26, it is too early in life to get serious about stupid things such as housing etc.”

Relieved Rahul after putting his house for sale.
Relieved Rahul after putting his house for sale.

Later that day Yadav agreed to meet our reporter in his office cafeteria for a brief interview. When he was asked about his future plans, he laughed loudly and said, “Since I am the only intellectually capable person in my whole company, I have decided to focus on taking the business to a new level.

I will not only make Housing more robust but also focus on diversifying into entirely new Greenfield businesses. For e.g. along with housing we may focus on re-inventing the way satellites are designed and propelled into space. Many people have done it. It’s simple, not some rocket science,” Yadav quipped with confidence.

He then ordered a huge amount of food at one of the food outlets “Melting Makhan” in his cafeteria. But few minutes later he withdrew his complete order and apologized to all the staff of Melting Makhan for his outrageous order.

“I keep on doing this kind of stuff,” Yadav winked and gave a mischievous smile.

While it is not yet clear on when will Yadav’s house be finally sold, it is being rumored that he is planning to sell all his furniture as well. According to highly placed sources, he may soon ask the investors to invest in a new business venture called, which will specialize in getting new and second-hand furniture and beds to buyers. To create buzz around, Yadav will be the first one to sell all his furniture on this revolutionary new portal.