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Railways to announce special coach for people who switch on lights in the middle of the night

25, Feb 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi: According to well placed sources, Indian Railways is all set to announce special coaches to accommodate passengers who have a habit of inexplicably switching on the lights in the middle of the night.This announcement is supposed to be made during the budget speech by Railway minister, Mr Suresh Prabhu.

Special coach where lights stay on whole night
Special coach where lights stay on whole night

There are also reports that similar special coaches will be announced for people who talk very loudly in sleeper class, play cards all night and the people who snore a lot. Thanks to this move Suresh Prabhu is receiving a lot of praise from regular Railway users.

When we spoke to some passengers at New Delhi Railway Station, they were very happy with this upcoming announcement. One of them, Mr Shyam Das said, “It will be very convenient for us. Right now whenever I am travelling at night, just as I am falling asleep, someone will suddenly switch on the light to check their luggage that they have already secured with 2 Harrison locks. Someone will just switch on the light to check whether the berth on which they are sleeping is still there or they are floating in air. It is so irritating.”

“There are also some passengers who switch on the light every 30 minutes to see which station has arrived or which station hasn’t arrived or should have arrived. There are also some who just switch them on so that none of the co-passengers get any sleep just because they  sleepy. Sometimes the lights are switched on and off with such frequency that I feel I am in some kind of a disco. It is great that they would be shifted to another compartment so that they can have a dedicated party and we can have our sleep.”

Apart from this, Railway minister is also planning to bring in training courses on keeping a blanket on one’s berth. “Right now, the passengers cover themselves with blanket in such a way that half of it keeps falling on the passenger on the lower berth. It gets a bit irritating for them”, a Railway ministry spokesman said.

Meanwhile, Railway ministry has clarified that if someone switches on the light at night in general compartments, Suresh Prabhu will not send help to switch off that light. Passengers will have to manage it themselves.