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Record alcohol sale reported after Narendra Modi expressed concerns over rising alcoholism

06, Oct 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi voiced on Thursday concern over the growing problem of alcoholism among youth and said society will be “ruined” in the next 25 years if the menace was not checked. Now this may be a sign of things to come. May be he is giving a hint which he didn’t give prior to demonetization. And people have gone crazy due to this concern, India reported its highest ever sale of alcohol yesterday as people started stocking up due to the fear of any ban.

Customers buying Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) from a Shop run by Kerala State Beverages Corporation (KSBC) on Onam Day in Kerala, India (Wine, Beer)

People were seen taking half day leaves from their offices to queue up liquor stores and stocking up for the future. Liquor stores in fact started hiring extra staff to take care of this sudden rush. There were orders placed on phone, e-mail, Whatsapp and almost all sources. Police had a tough time controlling the crowd gathered at all liquor sale points. There was some black marketing also seen where people were looting the customers as the customers were willing to pay any amount for their favorite brands.

The Government has still not put out any statement regarding the PM’s concern and any future ban on the liquor sale, which is making people even more worries. The stocks at all Liquor stores has reached an all time low and factories are trying to bridge this great demand-supply gap by sending orders soon to all stores. News channels also have a busy day reporting from throughout the country about the issues faced by people due to the fear. People in Bihar and Gujarat were also seen flocking the streets in hope of getting liquor forgetting the fact that there is a liquor ban in their states. There was a cabinet meeting late night yesterday and things will be soon cleared in the coming days, we will keep you posted about any developments.