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To reduce attrition, IT company decides to make the code quality of its developers public

13, Mar 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Bengaluru: High employee attrition is an issue in information technology (IT) service companies. The rate tends to peak towards the first half of the financial year, especially in the first quarter. And, many other factors are seen to be influencing this spike. QTS is also suffering from the brunt of attrition. Till the last year the company was not taking it too seriously, but after losing on top talent this year the company management has taken strict measures.


Sunil Jain, the CEO of QTS is not unaware of the attrition rate and has vowed to make all code made by its developers public, in newspapers on websites, on the company website and even on job portals. This according to him will make the companies poaching his resources aware of the pathetic and useless code his developers have written. Just after Sanil made this announcement today morning, more than 200 people have already withdrawn their resignation letters and have committed their long-term future to the company.

QTS HR department has its task cut out for the next quarter when they will pull out each developer’s code and post it on various job portals. There are rumors that the work to be carried out by the HR department in the next quarter is more than the HR department carried out over 10 years of existence of QTS. Developers are also too worried and they are doing all things possible to rectify their mistakes in code and also improve all their codes with the help of ‘Google baba’. The developers who were too laid back and just did minor changes in every release are now working extra hard