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Restaurant serving chicken at Rs 2800 per plate claims it serves chickens of royal lineage

02, Aug 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. A local restaurant, Dilli Saltanat, which serves a plate of Shahi Chicken at exorbitant rate of Rs 2800 per plate, claims to use chickens of royal lineage for preparing the dish.

Although, many consumers complain of the price being too high for a plate, restaurant owner justifies it considering the class and pedigree of chicken they are using.

His highness’ leg pieces.

“Before whining about the price, you should ponder for a moment what we are offering,” restaurant owner Raja Singh said, “Our chickens are not normal, they are descendants of royal chickens who were reared and devoured by Mughal emperors and many other kings from Rajasthan.”

“In a way, royal blood is flowing in their veins,” he said, “Royalty was never cheap, and will never be.”

Raja Singh further revealed that some of the chickens in his privately managed poultry farm are linked to a rooster named Chiku, which was the favorite live and later roasted bird of Mumtaz Mahal.

“Mumtaz Mahal used to play with Chiku, and we are serving chickens of that family at a nominal price of Rs 2800. I think they are priceless. If auctioned in international market, art collectors would pay me lakhs, but I am not hungry for money,” Raja told Faking News.

As per Raja Singh, by serving royal chicken, he is trying to let common people enjoy the same stuff which once only kings and emperors used to eat.

“While eating those chickens, you become one of the members of those royal families,” he claimed.

To make customers feel that they were dealing with royal stuff, restaurant management often requests its customers to pay proper respect to the royal chickens by half bending before starting to eat.

“You are eating chicken legs, ancestors of which used to run in palaces of kings and emperors. You should feel proud while eating them,” a waiter was overheard telling a customer.

The restaurant also offers free of cost packing service for customers who want to take the bones with them as memento.