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Restaurant starts home delivery of food pics as people are more interested in pics than the food

15, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

A really great plate of food is not only flavorful but beautiful. It’s why great chefs put so much effort in presentation. Because if you see a beautiful dish coming towards you, it heightens that anticipation for the first bite. And people have really taken up to the beauty of food by constantly clicking pictures and posting on social media. In the olden days, when you ate a good meal, you’d describe it to your friends on the phone or in person–“You wouldn’t believe the steak I had last night.” But, a picture is worth a thousand words. A restaurant in Mumbai has caught up with this trend and started delivering food pics to customers place.


Shwetank Malik, the owner of ‘Foodgasm Fast Foods’ is in his teens and really follows all new trends in market. Soon he realized that people posting pics of meals is a new hit. People visit restaurants not for the food but for the ambiance, the presentation and the pictures of food. Then they show their creativity with the captions, tags and other adjectives to describe the food. Shwetank has started a new service where a customer need not visit the restaurant to click pictures of food, instead the pictures of his favorite food items will be delivered at his home. In a city like Mumbai where travelling to restaurants is quite a pain, this service is likely to make people happy.

The service will be very beneficial for new couples who are least interested in the food and instead spend more time in clicking pictures from all possible angles. Shwetank has started receiving good number of orders and he has been actively promoting the new service on digital platform. Well, you guys read the story while I have my lunch, or lets say I look at some lunchtime food pictures.