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Restaurants to offer dry fruits instead of onion salad

24, Sep 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. The astronomical rise in onion prices has not only impacted the common man, but it seems even the high end restaurants have come under its grip.

A nationwide operation carried out by Faking News has revealed that restaurants across metros have replaced the customary traditional onion salad with dry fruit salad.

These were hardly valued by customers when the prices were under control

“It’s cheaper currently, and we can budget for the whole year in a better manner, because prices of dry fruits don’t see such dramatic change within a few weeks,” General Manager of a 5-star restaurant explained.

The decision was taken unanimously in the recently concluded meet of National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) after a vendor was shot at in Uttar Pradesh for not putting onions in omelets.

“While we are fortunate not to have a bullet fired at us, we have been having fights and arguments almost every day with customers over onions, or rather over the absence of it. They would not mind if there food was stale or if there was a fly in their soup, but would create huge commotion if complimentary onion was not given to them,” claimed a member of NRAI.

As per experts, Indians take keen interest in asking for anything that is complimentary in nature, be it extra chutney from samosa wala or extra puri from golggappa wala. They feel it is their birthright. So it is natural for them to feel upset when onions are not served to them.

“There was a point when we were thinking of charging for the onion salad and giving meals and main-course dishes along with it complimentary. But we dropped it as some of our members offer unlimited dinner plans,” confided the manager of Barbeque Nation.

“All our hopes were pinned on some positive steps from the government’s end. But we realized we were fools after Shri Kapil Sibal changed the laws of economics by claiming government had nothing to do with rising onion prices. That’s when we decided to take the matters in our hands and hired a few MBA grads as interns,” he added.

These interns reportedly did a comparative study and found out that dry fruits like Cashews, Almonds, Raisins, etc. can very well be an able and cheap alterative to onions. The name of the b-school where these MBA grads are studying has not been revealed.

Meanwhile there are reports that many people have adopted this strategy and have stopped consuming onions at home and are instead purchasing property in areas like Jor Bagh, Greater Kailash, etc. with the money thus saved.