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Sahara to raise money for Subrata Roy's bail by filing defamation cases against people mocking him

22, Apr 2014 By Fayaz Shaikh

Lucknow. The entire Sahara Parivar is in the mood of celebration now as an employee has found a novel way of raising Rs. 10,000 cr and securing the release of Sahara Shri Subrata Roy who is in Tihar Jail in connection with illegally collecting Rs. 24,400 cr from 2.21 cr depositors.

The Supreme Court of India had agreed to grant conditional interim bail to Sahara Shri but only after the group deposited Rs. 10,000 cr.

Subrata Roy
“Good job boy, Sahara Pranam to your idea “

“We begged, we pleaded, we knelt, we cried and did all the drama we had seen in court proceedings in Bollywood movies but the SC won’t budge,” said a sad-looking Sahara official, “Then we thought of collecting at least 5000 cr rupees from our employees but they were reluctant as these donations aren’t IT exempt.”

Rajiv Kumar, the Sahara employee who has found a way out, says that Sahara group should just file defamation cases against everyone who defames Sahara Shri.

The weird idea struck to him while he was reading this news about Amul girl. “There are millions of people on social media who crack jokes on anything under the Sun. All we’ll have to do is dig out their old tweets, like BJP and Congress supporters do, and file suits. Simple!” argued Rajiv.

“We might as well send out a tweet and ask for clean money the way Kejri did,” said Rajiv offering another solution. But when this Faking News reporter brought to his notice that Kejriwal’s tweet could get only 1 cr rupees, Rajiv left that thought.

Rajiv stretched his wild imagination further and offered another crazy idea. “We should just send all our employees to crowded Bazaars and ask them to greet random people with a ‘Sahara Pranam’ and should file defamation cases against those who don’t greet back in the same way,” said a rather confused Rajiv.

When this reporter asked a higher official how the group with a market value of $ 23 Bn can’t repay its depositors mere 24,400 cr Rs, the visibly angry official replied, “Don’t you say ‘Paise Nahi hai!’ when somebody asks for chandaa?”