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Sahara to sponsor jail inmates, wants logo on their dresses

01, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Lucknow. Hours after Sahara chief Subrata Roy got arrested by Lucknow police, Sahara India Parivar announced that they will be sponsoring all jail inmates in return for having logo presence on their dresses.

“Indian jails are overcrowded and many activists have pointed out mismanagement of jails. Our group has always put the interest of the nation first. And due to this, we have decided to help Indian jails have good facilities so that our country can become a superpower,” said a senior executive of Sahara while talking to Faking News.

Sponsorship will help get many well known brand ambassadors

The executive further claimed that due to such factors, many inmates often applied for parole and preferred spending time outside jail.

“Our proposal will not only bring the prisoners back, but it will also turn not so productive prisoners into a source of income for the government,” the Sahara executive claimed.

The group of companies with interests as varied as parabanking to cricket, further claimed that their proposal was not any branding exercise and was being done out of pure goodwill.

The sponsorship campaign is being called ‘Besaharaon ka Sahara’, where the group will be paying money to the government for maintaining world class facilities inside jail.

But as per our sources, what caught Subrata Roy’s attention was recent inflow of high profile people, including a possibility of himself going along with the flow, inside jails.

“With high profile prisoners like Asaram Bapu and Sanjay Dutt, jails are turning out to be center of attraction for media. With so many VIP people inside, jail’s brand value is too much and is still untapped,” revealed a company insider suggesting that the company’s exercise was financially viable as well.

“With Sahara logo mandatory on jail dress, they can easily get endorsement from bigwigs without paying them a penny. It’s not a bad deal at all.”

Many industry experts (branding, crime, legal, and business experts) have hailed the decision by Sahara India Parivar. Unconfirmed sources say that Vijay Mallya, who partners Sahara in F1 racing, has inquired about the whole proposal.