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Salesman follows customer to home while negotiating price, demands visit charges

20, Feb 2018 By itsmihir1993

A salesman at a leading electronic store in Mumbai ended up in the customer’s house after he got into a price negotiation spree with him for a washing machine. The Virar-based customer, who also was excellent at bargaining, did not realise that his negotiation with the salesman lasted for over two hours on the entire route from the store located in Colaba to his house. As soon as they entered the house, the salesman demanded visiting fees from him, which reportedly upset the customer.

The salesman, who has won several accolades in the past for being an ardent seller, did not budge and followed the customer all the way to Virar in the local train. On the other hand, the customer did not agree to buy the washing machine at the offered price and kept on insisting to lower price on during the train journey.

The customer, accompanied by his wife, refused to pay heed to her advice as she tried to convince him to let go off the machine. “I am a staunch bairgainer myself. Having said that, no salesman has followed me all the way to home, ever. Despite my repeated requests, they continued negotiating. Everyone in the local train spotted argue for two hours over a matter of Rs 300. It was so embarrassing!” she said.

When the three reached home, the salesman immediately demanded Rs 1000 as visiting charges for travelling all the way to Virar from Colaba. “Nobody from my store has ever travelled so much to convince one customer. This is exactly the kind of never-give-up attitude that you require to become a successful salesperson,” he said.

The salesman initially stated that he is planning to participate in reality show Roadies for his tough attitude. However, he then refrained from doing so because he didn’t believe that he was a loser.