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Samsung shifts headquarters to China, to officially copy Apple

29, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Seoul, South Korea. Samsung, which recently lost a patent lawsuit to Apple, has announced that it was shifting its headquarters to China so that it can officially copy Apple products without any legal problems, as is done by many companies located in China.

The South Korean electronics giant was reportedly pissed off with the US court verdict where it was accused of illegally copying iPhone and iPad designs. The court asked Samsung to pay $ 1.05 billion in damages, but the company officials have decided to take the battle to the next level by copying every single thing that Apple has ever designed.

Fake Steve Jobs
China had even created a fake Steve Jobs, sources claim.

“We are gonna flood the markets with Made in China iPhones with Samsung logo. This is going to hit the Apple real hard and they will know what REAL copying is,” a top executive of Samsung told Faking News.

The decision to shift the HQ to China was also taken due to the fact that Apple has not made any requests for probe against Samsung in China, where many manufacturing units of both the companies are situated.

However, the prime reason behind shifting the HQ is the intent to copy Apple blatantly and shamelessly, as many Chinese firms do, sources in Samsung confirm.

Instead of copying Apple from scratch, Samsung is reportedly in talks to buy thousands of already existing fake Apple stores and manufacturing units in China. They will just change the labels and launch the copied products under new names.

“They accused us of copying iPad and iPhone. Very soon we will copy iPod too, and will sell it real cheap in markets like South Asia and Africa,” a Samsung official confirmed.

“For the Indian market, we are calling it Galaxy Gaana,” the official informed about the upcoming copied Apple product.

Sources say that Samsung is also in talks with developers in Pakistan, a friendly nation with China, to launch websites like, which will be a cheap copy of the iTunes library.