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SBI sacks employee for not playing solitaire during business hours

30, Jul 2017 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. Being overly efficient proved fatal for an employee of the largest lender of the country when he was handed over a pink slip after he failed to play solitaire on his office computer system during the rush hours of business.


Manit Arora, a youth nearing his 30, who joined SBI as a PO two years ago after completing his MTech in Electrical Engineering was removed from his position for not following the work culture set by seniors working in his department.

Manit’s boss Mr. Rakesh Jha had a word with us and this is what he had to say.”Being a public sector enterprise, it’s our duty to not to take care of the customers. The word efficiency should be seen as a distant dream. If you are performing well and are creating trouble for your peers, then this isn’t the right place for you. We had seen the CCTV footage of the camera which is just above Manit’s seat. There was a no sign that this champ was wasting any of his time. Neither he ignored any of the customer nor he was seen playing solitaire on any of the day.”

For the information of our readers, Mr. Rakesh Jha is himself a champion at playing solitaire and holds second highest number of wins in the country, only one spot behind that SBI lady whose picture, where customers were queued up but she was playing solitaire with full concentration, went viral on the internet last year.

Speaking to an HR official who was busy with Independence Day and Janamashtmi decorations in office,she said,”Our employees have been tremendously trained. They know how to handle numerous customer queries and play games simultaneously while keeping their heads cool. Many of them have learned how to perform their household chores and deal with people at the same time. Manit’s behavior was obscure. Not only he pretended to work but he actually used to work. How can anyone do this at any of the government bodies? Before anyone else could raise questions on us, we ourselves removed him from the rolls of the company.”

Disappointed Manit said, “I thought employees can only be sacked in IT companies. Never expected that this would be coming. I cleared my PO examination in third attempt but they don’t even seem taking care of my bread and butter. It would have been nice if I were working for some private organisation. Atleast they award over-achievers. My lessons at playing counter-strike during college days would have come handy had I known this thing in my past.”