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Scared of weather, Infosys employee fakes own death after being posted to Chennai

31, May 2015 By mockinator

Bangalore. In a bizarre incident, an employee with one of India’s leading IT service providers, Infosys, faked his own death on learning that he had been posted to Chennai. Ashok Gurnani, 25, took this drastic step after being informed of his immediate relocation by the management.

The incident came to light when Gurnani went missing after leaving for home from his office last week. Later in the day, a suicide note was recovered from his rented accommodation in Bangalore claiming that he would be unable to adjust to the Chennai weather and that he had decided to end his life by jumping into the Bellandur lake. “I was eating moongfali (peanuts) wrapped in a paper when I suddenly noticed a familiar handwriting on it. It turned out to be the suicide note,” said Anand Pandey, his flatmate.

Ashok was further scared when he google Chennai weather and found such pics.
Ashok was further scared when he google Chennai weather and found such pics.

The Bangalore Police, however, refused to search the lake to recover the body as they claimed to have better things to do. “One drowned IT guy in Bangalore hardly makes a difference. I’m sure the company will find a suitable replacement,”said an inspector on condition of anonymity.

The mood in Infosys was also similar. “Who cares? This means I’m going onsite first,” exclaimed Manish Bhatia, his colleague and close friend on being asked about his colleagues whereabouts. His Project Manager Lakshmi Narayan ,was even less sympathetic. “He better be dead, he still hasn’t submitted the report which was due last Friday.”

However, there was a twist in the tale as Gurnani was spotted in a Buddhist monastery in Ladakh. It came to light that he had escaped to Ladakh under a false name and sought refuge in the Tagna monastery. “I have never seen a more soulless being in my life. This man has clearly stared death in the eye and has been through hell,”said the head monk. Gurnani refused to talk to Faking News thinking we had been sent by his Project Manager to escort him back to Chennai.

Whether he returns to the city life remains to be seen, but despite his antics, Ashok Gurnani has become an inspiration to thousands of IT employees around the country who are faced with similar complications in their career.