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Seeing temptation for Maggi among boys, Axe to launch Maggi fragrance deo for girls

24, Jun 2014 By nitingpt09

Mumbai. In what could be the greatest product innovation of the century, Axe is thinking about partnering with Maggi to develop a deodorant spray for girls which will be irresistible for boys.

Our source from Axe, familiar with the development, told us on conditions of anonymity, “We believe we have done a great job in helping desperate Indian men dream about getting girls. I mean, they now firmly believe that a deodorant is the most important thing to get a girlfriend, followed by a fairness cream and an underwear.  We have been enjoying great revenues, I mean, rapport, with men, but now we want to target women.”


the source further revealed that the deodorant brand tried to do some market research about women, but since most market research agents were men, they couldn’t find a thing about women.

“We wanted to understand why a woman might want to attract a man,” a marketing manager of Axe revealed, “Indian women have been using deos only for the traditional purpose of getting rid of the body odor, but we wanted them to spray it to attract men.”

Since Axe men couldn’t find what makes women desperate, they went back to studying men’s behavior, and they figured out one thing which made men, especially young ones in colleges or just out of colleges, desperate: Maggi.

“During our surveys in one of the engineering colleges, one guy with his eyes fully red and smoking a hand-made-cigarette said that he loved Maggi the most after sutta and internet,” disclosed one of the researchers.

“One of the chai-wala, who runs a kiosk outside a boys hostel, revealed that he collects the smoke created during cooking Maggi and releases it in the hostel after 1 AM to attract footfalls,” another researcher claimed.

“It was clear that if men find a woman smelling like Maggi, they would find her totally irresistible and worth spending time and money. Now this could be the tool a woman needs,” a marketing manager of Axe explained why they approached Maggi to work on deodorant with Maggi’s fragrance.

“The only thing we hope and pray is that there are enough desperate women to try this,” he added.

“Well, it’s the old wise saying of ‘way to a man’s heart is through his stomach‘ but it will now come packaged in a nice bottle!” a market watcher reacted to the development.