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Snippets sued for "faulty products” by unhappily married people

18, Oct 2014 By mpsharmaauthor

New Delhi. Well known matrimonial site, is reported to be embroiled in a bitter legal battle following a formal complaint made by a number of former devoted users of the online medium to find life partners. These users are claiming that the company provided them with “faulty products”.

The complainants have been tirelessly fighting with the famous matchmaker, vocally advertising their stance via popular media forums to raise awareness on being cheated by the company via false advertising.

The happiness was shortlived
The happiness was shortlived

“I found my wife Sheetal on the site,” one alleged victim, Pankaj Ahuja, told Faking News outside the Delhi sessions court earlier today, “The photo on the site just before I made the blunder showed this Bollywood celebrity happily frolicking with her hubby on the pristine beaches of Maldives. Even I am not that stupid okay; after all, I am an engineer. I can understand that I was not being promised a tour package to Maldives. But ever since Sheetal came into my life, where have I had the time to enjoy? This is a blatant lie, no one is that happy after marriage!”

Another member of the popularly dubbed “free us bechare shadi wale” campaign, Ankita, strongly agrees, “It is not like we are being unfair. I am even willing to return my complete husband for a half refund. Arre yaar, if they want, they don’t even have to refund anything! I just refuse to exchange him, ek bar mukti miljaye toh bas; I am not so stupid to do it all over again.”

Aise kaise ho sakta hain?” Bilu Sachdev, another distraught ex-user explained, “Every other website that sells something has promotional offers like ‘buy one, get one free’, ‘try before you buy’, ‘if found to be broken on receipt of the product, you are able to return it’ and so on and so forth, so why does not do the same? This is unfair trade practice. The Indian government should intervene for the betterment of the country’s citizens.” however, is strongly opposing the accusation, claiming that they do not take responsibility of product’s performance, and in many cases, diminishing in quality over the life span of the product.

An official statement made by the organisation states that, “ is unable to ensure that the product will remain the same or even appear to be the same as their online profile, once the product has been purchased. Furthermore, we are unable to validate that the product will not deteriorate in quality and/or appearance due to use and natural wear and tear. Users of our online system must understand that they are purchasing all available items at their own risk, which is clearly outlined in our online disclaimer as well as terms and conditions. We are unable to make adjustments for users forgetting or skimming over these vital legal documents in their zealous excitement while purchasing online.”