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SIM card praying to get placed in a smartphone

05, Oct 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Placement season has started and the effects are showing on those who are yet to start their professional career. Young and inexperienced SIM cards at Jai Matadi Mobiles in Greater Kailash are already worried and are praying to get placed in good mobile handsets.

Vodafone SIM card 007, which is what his friends call him as the original SIM card number is too long, was found praying to the Spectrum God (not to be confused with A Raja) to secure placement in a high end smartphone.

SIM Card
Candidate no. 007. He is looking yellow, and is looking for a good placement.

“Each time the shopkeeper shows me to a customer who doesn’t have a smartphone, I pray that he gets an emergency call on his phone and he leaves the shop without selecting me,” 007 candidly confessed.

Talking exclusively to Faking News, 007 shed some light on the selection process, “Competition is quite tough as many SIMs of other companies are also appearing in the placement process. Customers first look at our background i.e. the company we are from; local reputation of the company is very important.”

Many of 007’s friends have been placed in mobiles ranging from Nokia’s prehistoric models to latest iPhone 5C.  In his CV, 007 has mentioned Vodafone in bold letters so that recruiters with iPhones don’t miss his qualification.

For SIM cards, getting placed in a smartphones is like grabbing a job at a US based MNC. While iPhones and other similar high end smartphones are dream companies, Nokia models have traditionally been the mass recruiters.

“Once shortlisted, we have to face competition from other SIMs of own company. This round is totally dependent on looks i.e. more attractive the mobile number associated with us, more likely we are to get placed,” 007 revealed the ugly truth of placement processes.

Experts say that SIM cards have very complex career paths and placement is just the beginning.

“If a fickle customer buys a SIM card, the career is as good as over. Such a customer may not recharge the phone ever, which is akin to not giving any salary hike, while some may dump the card to get a new number, which is the hire and fire philosophy,” an HR consultant explained.

On being asked what his plan B was in case he failed to get a direct placement in a smartphone, 007 said, “In that case, I’d pray to God that the customer who buys me gets a better placement in his own career so that he buys a better and costlier phone.”