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Software engineer happy with his job visits psychologist thinking of it as some abnormal mental disorder

29, Jan 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Santosh Sharma, a 24 year old software engineer, who was perfectly happy and content with his job, visited a psychologist thinking of it as some kind of abnormal mental disorder.

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal to hate your job

Like many of his batchmates, Santosh started working as a software engineer in 2012. Initially he got a feeling that he was enjoying his job, but he ignored it, confusing it with temporary excitement of a new job.

“I thought it will go away in few days. Compared to me, my friends transformed pretty much faster, as they started hating their jobs within a month. But on the contrary, I was getting more and more fascinated by my job,” said Santosh, recalling first few months of his job.

Gradually, Santosh started feeling left out and outcast from his friend circle. “Most of the time they discussed how bad their job was, as if some kind of competition was going on. And obviously, I was a misfit,” Santosh added.

It’s by the end of 2012, Santosh finally realized that something was wrong with him. Despite that, he decided to hide his mental disorder and tried to cure it by himself.

Santosh started to look perfectly normal by joining his friends in job bashing discussions, but even that didn’t work out.

“All he wanted was, to live like a normal person. So he gave his best and cursed his job to full capacity, but that wasn’t real Santosh. It’s then I asked him to consult a psychologist, before it’s too late,” disclosed a close friend of Santosh.

Psychologist claimed, had Santosh contacted him on time, his disorder could have been controlled. “When he came, he was in final stage of the disorder. He loved his job for almost two years, and now there was no way back. Still I suggested him some things to do, rest is in hand of god,” told psychologist Animesh Shukla.

Reportedly, the psychologist has asked Santosh to get under worst boss available in his company and stay closer to people with negative mentality.

Meanwhile, parents of Santosh have rushed to Bangalore after hearing the bad news. “God please make my son a normal person, otherwise he would face problem in getting married,” prayed his mother.