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Software engineer regularly talking with clients from different nations develops bizarre English accent

13, Sep 2014 By Agnel

Bangalore. In an incident that has left his family in shatters – software engineer Bharat Pandey has developed an accent that has made his English totally incorrigible and unable to comprehend.

Having worked in a leading IT firm in Bangalore after completing his BE in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from a reputed institute in Jharkhand (where he became fond of Shrikhand), he is said to have been the smartest student in his batch and his friends know him to have had good communication skills.

Being too much client friendly is injurious to accent.

It is said he has worked with three clients – one in Australia, one in England, and his current client is supposedly in the US. Given his above average oral communication skills – he was asked to lead all calls with the client by his manager who was too shy to speak up (out).

He currently speaks in an accent that is neither Australian nor British or American – and his peers are unable to track where this has come from?

His family is blaming it on the sleepless nights his work has given and some on his manager who would cancel his leaves to make him work on weekends as well. Some claim that he’s traumatized by the constant mirage of going on-site – an opportunity that was always offered to him the following year if he worked real hard this year. He never ended going on-site given projects wound up before the paperwork could materialize.

Bharath when contacted said something which we couldn’t comprehend ourselves and have sent it to forensic labs to decode. It is being said that now people ask Bharath to only send out emails to them given his speaking problems.

Wishing him speedy recovery to one of the more understandable accents soon, Hyundai has promised him a job and an Accent car once he recovers completely. They are also sponsoring his accent neutralization classes and have promised to send him on-site to South Korea once he’s fine.